Design number


Registration date
30 October 2010
Expiry date
30 October 2015
Application date
30 October 2010
Solar light and phone charger


Class 14 - Recording, communication or information retrieval equipment
Sub class 03 - Communications equipment, wireless remote controls and radio amplifiers
Indication of goods Telephone bases/base stations/charging bases for mobile/cordless/wireless/radio telephones, mainly with antenna, a few with handsets
Class 26 - Lighting apparatus
Sub class 04 - Luminous sources, electrical or not
Indication of goods Miscellaneous, Burners, Dark room lamps, Filaments, Lamp mantles, Lamp wicks and Luminous plaques
Class 26 - Lighting apparatus
Sub class 05 - Lamps, standard lamps, chandeliers, wall and ceiling fixtures, lampshades, reflectors, photographic and cinematographic lamps
Indication of goods Lights combined with other articles

Contact (address for service)

Adam Robinson
Disruptive Design,15 Queen Square,Leeds, LS2 8AJ


Name Address Incorporation Country
Disruptive Design Limited Lloyds Bank Chambers,43 Hustlergate,Bradford,West Yorkshire, BD1 1UQ GB

Registration expired

30 October 2015

30 October 2015 Period of Protection Expired