Design number


Registration date
30 October 2010
Expiry date
30 October 2020
Application date
30 October 2010
Colour changing fabric (or other material) design


Class 06 - Furnishing
Sub class 10 - Curtains and indoor blinds
Indication of goods Curtains and tie-backs
Class 99 - Miscellaneous (not elsewhere specified)
Sub class 00 - Miscellaneous
Indication of goods Tobacco, smokers' requisites, matches, travel goods, fans, toilet...
Class 99 - Miscellaneous (not elsewhere specified)
Sub class 00 - Miscellaneous
Indication of goods Containers and packing, representations of miscellaneous products

Contact (address for service)

Viviane Jaeger
SquidLondon Limited,14 Sovereign Mews,Pearson Street,London, E2 8ER


Name Address Incorporation Country
GNW Trading Ltd South View,The Causeway, Cartmel, LA11 6PW GB

Registration Expired

2 November 2020

30 October 2020 Period of Protection Expired

Registration assigned to new owner

4 June 2020
18 June 2020

Assignment DRC000003630 received on 4 June 2020 has been recorded, resulting to the change of ownership. Previous owner: SquidLondon Limited (id: Az4p6wlv). New owner: GNW Trading Ltd (id: DWIT9rjH). The effective date of assignment is 14 May 2020.

Owner details changed

28 November 2017
6 December 2017

Change of owner details have been recorded due to recordal DRC000001031 received on 28 November 2017. Owner: SquidLondon Limited (id: 76877) has been updated to SquidLondon Limited (id: Az4p6wlv).Address: 14 Sovereign Mews, Pearson Street, London, E2 8ER, GB has been updated to 106 Goldsmith Road, London, E10 5EY, GB

Registration renewed

2 September 2015
2 September 2015

2 September 2015 In pursuance of an application filed on 2 September 2015, period of protection extended for second period of five years ending 30 October 2020.