Design number


Registration date
29 December 2000
Expiry date
6 June 2006
Application date
6 June 2001
Dual locking luggage tag


Class 10 - Clocks and watches and other measuring instruments, checking and signalling instruments
Sub class 05 - Instruments, apparatus and devices for checking, security or testing
Indication of goods Identification devices, security tags, name badges
Class 08 - Tools and hardware
Sub class 07 - Locking or closing devices
Indication of goods Sealing/security strips and tags

Priority claims

Country Application number Application date
US 29 December 2000

Contact (address for service)

Alpha & Omega
Chine Croft,East Hill,Ottery St Mary,Devon, EX11 1PJ


Name Address Incorporation Country
The Sun Lock Company Limited Room 5,Block C.16F,,Hang Wai Industrial Center,6 Kin Tai Street,Tuen Mun,New Territories HK

Registration expired

6 June 2006

6 June 2006 Period of Protection Expired

Dates adjusted in accordance with EC Designs Directive

3 August 2002

3 August 2002 Registration, expiry & renewal dates, where appropriate, have been adjusted in accord with EC Designs Directive.