Design number


Registration date
28 April 2000
Expiry date
12 October 2005
Application date
12 October 2000
Sole for footwear


Class 02 - Articles of clothing
Sub class 04 - Footwear, socks and stockings
Indication of goods Soles and heels in one piece

Priority claims

Country Application number Application date
WO 28 April 2000

Contact (address for service)

Marks & Clerk LLP
15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BW


Name Address Incorporation Country
TOD'S S.p.A. Via Filippo Della Valle 1,63019 Sant'Elpidio a Mare,Ascoli Piceno IT

Registration expired

12 October 2005

12 October 2005 Period of Protection Expired

Address details changed

12 August 2002
27 August 2002

27 August 2002 In pursuance of an application received on the 12 August 2002 the Address of the registered Service Address/Agent altered to ADP NUMBER: 00059934001 Marks & Clerk LLP 90 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9RA, UNITED KINGDOM agent notification of change of name

Dates adjusted in accordance with EC Designs Directive

3 August 2002

3 August 2002 Registration, expiry & renewal dates, where appropriate, have been adjusted in accord with EC Designs Directive.

Owner details changed

24 June 2002
5 July 2002

5 July 2002 In pursuance of an application received on the 24 June 2002 the Name and/or Address of the registered Proprietor altered to ADP NUMBER: 00059345001 TOD'S S.p.A. Via Filippo Della Valle 1, 63019 Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Ascoli Piceno , ITALY On a change of name validated on 31/08/00 name was changed to TOD'S S.p.A.