Design number


Registration date
31 March 2000
Expiry date
31 July 2005
Application date
31 July 2000
A telephone holder for vehicles


Class 14 - Recording, communication or information retrieval equipment
Sub class 99 - Miscellaneous
Indication of goods Stands, holders, supports etc for computers, printers, speakers, televisions, telephones etc
Class 03 - Travel goods, cases, parasols and personal belongings, not elsewhere specified
Sub class 01 - Trunks, suitcases, briefcases, handbags, keyholders, cases specially designed for their contents, wallets and similar articles
Indication of goods Holders

Priority claims

Country Application number Application date
SE 31 March 2000

Contact (address for service)

CSY Herts
Helios Court 1 Bishops Square Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9NE


Name Address Incorporation Country
Brodit Plast AB Gesallvagen 8,546 34 Karlsborg,Sweden SE

Registration expired

31 July 2005

31 July 2005 Period of Protection Expired

Dates adjusted in accordance with EC Designs Directive

3 August 2002

3 August 2002 Registration, expiry & renewal dates, where appropriate, have been adjusted in accord with EC Designs Directive.